Latest Xbox update adopts a key PlayStation trophies feature for achievements

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Microsoft has announced the June 2022 system update for Xbox consoles, and there's good news if you're an achievement hunter.

The latest firmware update for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One lets you view hidden achievements. Confirmed via Xbox Wire, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie advised this will also be available for the PC and mobile Xbox apps. 

"If you don’t mind spoilers and want a hint on any of the achievements in the games you’re playing, it’s easy to find the secret achievement details on your Xbox," Marie said. 

"From within a game, open the guide and go to Game activity > Achievements. When you see a secret achievement, you can now reveal details like the title, achievement description, and Gamerscore."

Once you've taken a look, you'll then be able to hide the achievement again, or keep the details fully displayed. It's very similar to Sony's approach, which has let PlayStation players view hidden trophies with potential spoilers since 2016. On both PS4 and PS5, you can view these by pressing square while looking at a hidden trophy.

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What else is in the June 2022 update?

Beyond secret achievements, there isn't much else included in the June update besides one other welcome quality-of-life change. The patch improves how quickly your Xbox Series X|S scans for game updates, a feature Xbox Insiders previously trialed back in April

"You will see improvements to the speed and reliability of detecting available updates, both in your collection and when you launch a game," Marie confirms. 

However, in her previous update back in April, Marie advised that the update scanning process can still be slow if you've got “extremely large amounts of installed content.”

It's very easy to fill up your console storage, thanks to Xbox Game Pass. While games often come and go, Microsoft's first-party selections like Halo Infinite and Sea of Thieves are always available, taking up significant space. Still, if storage space is minimal, or you've grown tired of lengthy updates, Xbox Cloud Gaming remains an option, providing you've subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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