Kaspersky sues US government over antivirus ban and reputational damage


Security firm Kaspersky has filed a lawsuit against the US government, following the Trump administration banning the Russian company’s security products from use by federal agencies.

As you may be aware, all this revolves around the US government’s belief that Kaspersky has links to the Russian government, and therefore its products can’t be trusted. This resulted in Trump signing a law banning Kaspersky products across all federal departments, civilian and military, earlier this month.

As Wccftech.com reports, Kaspersky’s lawsuit claims that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “failed to satisfy even the minimum standards of due process” in the way it has acted.

Open letter

In a separate open letter, Kaspersky observed: “The DHS failed to provide Kaspersky Lab with adequate due process and relied primarily on subjective, non-technical public sources like uncorroborated and often anonymously sourced media reports and rumors in issuing and finalizing the Directive [which bans the software].”

Kaspersky further argues that the US government’s actions have harmed its reputation and therefore its commercial operations, all with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Whatever happens next probably won’t happen very quickly, as always in the world of heavyweight legal battles, and that’s doubtless set to be another thorn of frustration in the side of Kaspersky.

Meantime the security firm stresses the fact that it welcomes “constructive and collaborative engagement” with the US regime to address any concerns that the government may have with its products.