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UK rollout of new Facebook picture viewer starts today

New photo viewer for Facebook incoming
New photo viewer for Facebook incoming

Facebook has announced it is bringing its redesigned photo viewer to the UK, which updates one of the most laborious aspects of the site.

The Facebook Photo Viewer Product, to give it its proper name, is a complete overhaul of the social-network's photo service.

It allows users to open images inside the Facebook browser without opening a new page, accommodates large photo sizes and re-sizes the photo relative to the size of the browser window.

In short, Facebook has created a rival to Flickr but with a much larger user base.

Photo finish

The new update will also bring faster photo uploads and you will be able to Like, tag and comment within the photo viewer.

It's taken Facebook a good few months to sort out its new-fangled photo service for the UK.

The site originally announced the image improvements way back in October.

The update will be rolled out to the UK gradually, so don't worry if you are still having to deal with the frankly pants photo viewer of yore.