Police arrest European file sharers in co-ordinated raids

File sharing crackdown begins in Europe
File sharing crackdown begins in Europe

14 European countries were raided by police this week, in a bid to sniff out suspected illegal file sharers.

The raids were apparently part of a two-year investigation prompted by Belgian police and have taken place in countries such as Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The UK is also said to be a target, although this is still to be confirmed.

While there were reports that PRQ, the ISP for Wikileaks and the Pirate Bay, was raided this is not quite the case.

PRQ did confirm to TorrentFreak that it had been visited by police, but it was about specific clients' IP addresses rather than the two sites it hosts.

Not about Wikileaks

A Swedish prosecutor has since told Swedish news outlet Expressen.se that the operation is not about Wikileaks.

However, this does not explain why the Pirate Bay went down earlier today. While the site is said to be back up (in the UK at least, according to reports) its torrent tracker system does seem to be hobbled.

Despite this coincidence, the raids to seem to be targetin individuals who make up the Warez Scene instead, which is at the heart of a number of illegal music, movie and keygen creations on the web.

So far only four people have been arrested in connection with the raids but as it is something which is happening in many countries at once, expect this number to rise.

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