Pirate Party predicts EU Parliament win

Sweden s Pirate Party is predicted to win enough votes to get a seat in the EU Parliament in June

The Swedish Pirate Party is set to gain a seat in the EU Parliament, according to a recent poll by a Swedish newspaper.

The poll predicts that the Pirate Party will get 5.1% of the votes in the upcoming European Union elections and, as a result, a seat in the EU Parliament.

TorrentFreak reports that "half of [Swedish] men under 30 reportedly considering voting for them in the 2009 European Parliament elections."

Spectrial boosts support

Support for the Pirate Party has of course been bolstered by the recent Pirate Bay show trial – with the party now having 41,750 members and soon set to be Sweden's third largest political party.

Swedish newspaper DN.se reports that they are also the second largest party among Swedish voters in the age group 18-30.

"This poll confirms our recent phenomenal growth in support, and says there will be pirates in Brussels after this election," Pirate Party Leader Rick Falkvinge told TorrentFreak.

"Scoring like this in a poll will further enhance support for the party. While there's still much work to be done, we're on the home stretch and have the goal in plain sight. June 7 is election day. On the morning of June 8, we'll know."

Via TorrentFreak