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Odeon signs up for Facebook Places deals

Odeon on board for Places Deals
Odeon on board for Places Deals

Odeon has announced that it has become the first cinema chain in the UK to offer up deals through Facebook Places.

There are a number of companies who have signed up to Facebook's Places Deals, which gives consumers discounts if they 'check-in' to various establishments.

On board at the moment are the likes of Starbucks, Argos, Debenhams, O2, Alton Towers, and Mazda.

While the numerous discounts could eventually lead to customer loyalty, Odeon's first Places Deals offer isn't exactly enticing.

Film focus

If you check-in through Facebook Places, then a small bag of popcorn could be yours for free.

And we stress the word 'could', as the offer is finite, running for a month at selected Odeon's or until the allocated 1,000 popcorn boxes run out.

It's great that Odeon is on board for Places Deals, but until the offers start to resemble something like the hugely successful 'buy one get one free' Orange Wednesdays ticket promotion, they're more Razzie than Oscar worthy.

Then again, you do get a choice between salted or sweet.