Gordon Brown says paywalls don't work

Are you willing to pay for news? The Prime Minister agrees with the rest of us that 'paywalls' simply will not work

Gordon Brown is certainly doing everything he can to court the music and tech fans and that all-important 'early adopters' vote this week, coming out in favour of BBC 6Music and then, if that weren't an impressive enough move in itself, dismissing the idea of digital paywalls (much beloved of Rupert Murdoch right now) as unworkable.

Oh. And did we mention that there is a general election next month?

All cynicism aside, the Prime Minister said plans to make Brits pay for news online cannot work, simply because "people have got used to getting content without having to pay."

Paywall problem

Brown continued: "People will pay for certain things, and should pay for certain things, but I think there's a whole sort of element of communication that's got to be free. People mind paying for basic news," speaking in an interview with The Radio Times.

News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently announced that the online versions of The Times and The Sunday Times will be paid-for-only as of June.

Perhaps there is a link to be drawn between the PM's latest comments on paywalls and the fact that Murdoch's leading UK tabloid The Sun has announced that it was backing the Tories in the General Election next month.

Via PC Pro