Google revamps iOS search app

Google Search
The new and improved Google Search app for iOS

Google has given its iOS search app a much-needed overhaul, adding a host of new features, Google Apps integration and a new and improved design.

Web queries can now be conducted via voice search or image search through Google Goggles, while users can now sign into their accounts for interaction for services that require a login.

Before today's update, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners only had access to mobile web searches in Safari rather than a self-contained application.

Google Apps

Upon opening the app users are now greeted with a url search bar and an apps tab. That summons a list of available Google apps like Docs, Calendar, Buzz, News, YouTube and the rest of the suite.

The menu will even show you how many unread messages or notifications you have in apps like Gmail and Buzz. Apps will load either in Safari or through the many standalone apps available in the App Store, such as Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Voice.

Google search

Web searches improved

The web searches themselves remain within the Google Search app, and a simple swipe to the right reveals a tap for limiting your search to images, videos, shopping and the usual host of options.

Once you've conducted your web search, it's easy to return to the app's homescreen by swiping down from the top of the screen. Simples.

While long overdue, this is a fine update from Google, which really shows off the massive array of apps that the company is currently offering.

We'd like to see a lot more native iOS apps to accompany this improvement so we wouldn't have to use mobile web versions of Gmail and Calendar in the Safari Browser.

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