Facebook's Rate the Debate draws just 2,000 users

Facebook users dialled out of experiment
Facebook users dialled out of experiment

Facebook's 'rate the debate dial' experiment drew just 2,000 people for the second leaders' debate, although a poll as the television event closed got 20,000 votes from users of the social networking site.

Although the much-hyped dial only managed what would seem to be a minimal audience through the debate, it did throw up some interesting data.

Again it was Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg that came out on top, not only picking up 48 per cent of the final vote, but also picking up the most positive feedback through his opening statement.

Brown highs

Bu it was Gordon Brown who picked up the biggest highs during the debate, with his answers on climate change, the pope and pensions enthusiastically received by users.

Faith and religion did not go down well with the Facebook audience at all, and Clegg's stance on terrorism gave him his low for the night.

Richard Allan, Director of European Public Policy at Facebook commented: "It's clear that the TV debates are an historic moment, but with 76 rules of engagement and broadcasters banned from showing the audience reaction, it's online where voters can express their opinion.

"Our dial test gave the power of opinion back to the public allowing them to say exactly if they liked what they are hearing in real time."

All the results from the dial-test are available for download as a spreadsheet from a dedicated page, located at http://apps.facebook.com/dialtest/export.php.

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