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Facebook offers up new relationship options

Facebook relationship status updated
Facebook relationship status updated

Facebook has announced that it has expanded its relationship status offering, which allows gay and lesbian couples to acknowledge their relationships online.

The social network has added 'in a civil union' and 'in a domestic partnership' to its Relationship Status list for users in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and France.

Clear message

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is obviously happy with the news and has said about the news: "Today, Facebook sent a clear message in support of gay and lesbian couples to users across the globe.

"By acknowledging the relationships of countless loving and committed same-sex couples in the US and abroad, Facebook has set a new standard of inclusion for social media. As public support for marriage equality continues to grow, we will continue to work for the day when all couples have the opportunity to marry and have their relationship recognised by their community, both online and off."

Now all we need is for Facebook to allow us to add the name of someone we are in a relationship with that hasn't got a Facebook account and everybody will be happy.