Novell launches enterprise file sharing service

Sharing in the cloud

Infrastructure provider Novell is setting itself against cloud-based file sharing with a on-premise service.

Named Filr, it's going up against established players such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, with the difference of using a business's existing on-premise infrastructure to provide employees with access to files without the need to up them to a third party architecture.

It does this by integrating with existing file systems, automatically populating folders on users' mobile devices with files from a corporate server.

Novell says this addresses security concerns around the trend for 'bring you own device' as Filr recognises established data security policies and procedures, in addition to firewall, backup and antivirus configurations.

Filr also supports existing enterprise platforms, such as Microsoft Active Directory, and grants employees global search capabilities based on existing access rights as defined by IT managers.

The service allows users to share files from inside and outside the business, and keeps track of collaboration activities in real time. It is being sold on a per user licence basis.

Bob Flynn, Novell President and General Manager, said: "Unlike any other file sharing solution on the market today, Novell Filr provides the access and collaboration capabilities to keep employees happy and productive, while meeting IT's need for enhanced security, compliance and the ability to leverage established policies and protocols."

Kane Fulton
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