Dell and VMware expand their product integrations

Dell and VMware double down on their partnership
Dell and VMware double down on their partnership

Dell and VMware have expanded their product integrations to help improve production within VMware's virtualization environments. The new tools, Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO: RAIL and

Dell Storage for VMware, are designed to simplify IT operations and help IT professionals manage virtualization costs.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO: RAIL enable users to create virtual infrastructures, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), and private cloud workloads within a virtual environment. By using Dell servers with VMware EVO: RAIL software, Dell and VMware are offering what they call a "scalable" and "manageable" tool that can handle rapid deployments of virtual infrastructures.

Within the VMware EVO product line, Dell has launched a Virtual Infrastructure Edition for general workloads, and a VMware Horizon 6 product for VDI-specific workloads. Virtual Infrastructure Edition will be available in September, and VMware Horizon 6 will be available later this year.

New Dell Storage for VMware

The two companies also unveiled Dell Storage and VMware integrations designed to simplify data management within VMware solutions. New products include the Dell Storage PS and SC Series that offer support for VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vC Ops).

Dell also launched the FS8600 NAS appliance. The tool will offer Dell storage users access to VMware's vSphere Storage APIs, which are designed to speed up VMware operations with Dell's file system solutions. The product will be available during the first quarter of 2015.

Dell's shift

Dell cut more than 15,000 jobs earlier this year as part of a restructuring effort aimed at addressing its place in the ailing PC market. The decision reduced Dell's workforce by 15%.

In order to reposition itself as an enterprise technology and services provider, Dell has begun focusing on cloud and virtualization. Partnering with VMware, a company that continues to increase revenue and income, offers Dell access to a client base that is on the leading edge of enterprise technology adoption.