VMware announces sunny Q1 revenue bolstered by cloud launches

VMware cloud disaster recovery earnings
VMware makes it rain with cloud investments

VMware increased revenue 14% to $1.36 billion (about £810m or au$1.45b) during Q1 2014, compared with the same quarter last year, the company revealed in a written statement ahead of its earnings call. Operating income for Q1 was $241 million (about £143m or au$257m), an increase of 51% from the same quarter last year.

The virtualization technology company's Q1 2014 net income increased 14% to $199 million (about £118m or au$212m), compared with Q1 2013. The company generated $799 million (about £475m or au$853m) of its $1.36 billion (about £810m or au$1.45b) in revenue from services during the quarter. It generated $561 million (about £333m or au$599b) in licensing agreements with clients.

International revenue accounted for 52.3% of the US-based organization's business in Q1 2014.

Q1 highlights

During the quarter VMware completed its $1.54 billion (about £920m or au$1.64b) acquisition of AirWatch, an enterprise mobility management and security company.

VMware cited its partnership with Google to provide cloud access to Windows apps and data on Google Chromebooks as one of its quarterly highlights. During Q1 VMware also launched VMware Horizon DaaS, a cloud desktop virtualization solution, VMware vCloud, the organization's hybrid cloud platform, and Virtual SAN, an application-centric storage solution for virtualized networks.

Last week, VMware made available a cloud-based disaster recovery service that is geared toward providing virtualized data centers with continuous protection and uptime.