VMware releases 'economic' cloud-based disaster recovery solution

VMware cloud disaster recovery
VMware is focused on efficiency and innovation

VMware launched a cloud-based disaster recovery service that is geared toward providing virtualized data centers with continuous protection and uptime.

VMware's main selling point for the disaster recovery service, VMware vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery, is that it can automate the replication and recovery of critical applications and data without the need to duplicate the entire data infrastructure or maintain an additional data center with replicated information.

The economic model

"Everyone wants enterprise-class disaster recovery, but without the complexity and cost of traditional [disaster recovery]," said Jerry Sanchez, vice president of Hosting Operations, Planview, a VMWare partner, in a statement. "Typically, [disaster recovery] services require expensive professional services to install and maintain. With the VMware solution, the data and applications are…ready to go whenever trouble strikes, and with the benefits of a cloud-based economic model."

Focused on efficiency

VMware has been focused on efficiency recently. Last month, the company launched a hypervisor-converged architecture that allowed Virtual SAN to deliver efficient data paths, which the organization said would reduce CPU resource consumption to less than 10%.

The Disaster Recovery release is geared toward enabling organizations to maintain constant data uptime without incurring the cost of having a tertiary data center or an entirely duplicated data set.

The solution is available for $835 per month with 1TB of storage ad standby cloud capacity. It can supply 10 GHz of CPU and 20 GB of RAM, Mathew Lodge, VP of VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service told Information Week.

VMware's Disaster Recovery solution will be added to already-existing infrastructure deployments and it can be added as part of a new VMWare deployment.