Adobe extends Photoshop Photography Program offer for a limited time

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Adobe is looking to tempt people in the direction of its online photography apps by extending and beefing up an existing deal on its Photoshop Photography Program.

For $9.99 a month (£8.78, around AU$6.99), you can now get access to Adobe's products Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, in addition to 20GB of cloud storage for storing and sharing files.

You'll also snag free membership to Adobe's Behance portfolio service, which Adobe reportedly splashed out $150 million for in December last year.

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First outed in September, the deal was previously only available to owners of Photoshop CS3 and higher but is now available to everybody - for a limited time. It expires on December 2, after which it will go back to its regular $10 per month to owners of CS3 (or later).

Part of Adobe's Creative Cloud, it means you'll get the latest bells and whistles of future versions as soon as they're released, the only drawback being that you'll have to sign up for at least a year (the service is billed monthly).

The deal will appeal to snap happy photographers would have had to pay $19.99 per month (around £12.40 or AU$21.60) for a normal subscription (that wouldn't include Lightroom) or $49.99 (around $31, or AU$36) for everything under regular pricing.

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