Internet Explorer voted the worst thing about using the web

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Microsoft's venerable Internet Explorer browser has once again topped the list when it comes to being the most-hated software systems out there today.

The browser came top in a list of pain points in a global poll of developers from Mozilla, edging out Apple's Safari browser for the prize.

The Mozilla Developer Network's 2020 Browser Compatibility Report found that Internet Explorer was named as the top pain point by 21.8% of respondents, far ahead of Safari on 10.4% - with general layout and styling problems slotting in to second place on 14.1%.

Internet Explorer

Respondents were asked the question, “Overall, what is your top pain point with browser compatibility?” with their answers forming the results of the survey.

Asides from Internet Explorer and Safari, Chrome was mentioned in 6% of complaints, with both Firefox and Microsoft Edge on 3%.

Looking at some of the individual responses highlighted by the pollers, Internet Explorer was criticized for bugs, rendering issues, and lack of support for newer technology. However the most common complaint was that it was still the default internal browser for many organisations, showing a shocking lack of investment in digital upgrading for businesses. 

Overall, the study found that almost 75% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the Web as a whole, but only 44% were happy with their browser compatibility.

"We heard about challenges with all major web browsers, and the largest number of compatibility challenges were reported for Internet Explorer and Safari," the report concluded.

"With Chromium-based Edge rolling out with Windows updates we believe reported issues with Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer will decrease."

Microsoft recently confirmed it will kill off Internet Explorer next year, as plans for a phased termination are brought to a close, with Microsoft 365 apps ending support for Internet Explorer 11 on August 17 2021.

After these deadlines have passed, users of the unsupported browsers will suffer a “degraded experience”; new Microsoft 365 features will be unavailable to stragglers and existing web app features will be disabled.

However the most recent NetMarketShare figures (for August 2020) show that 5.55% of all users are still using Internet Explorer.

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