Intel is quitting the 5G and LTE PC business

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Intel is ready to pull the plug on its 5G business, as according to multiple sources, the company will not only exit the 5G business, but will also move towards exiting from the entire WWAN business in the next few years. 5G is just the first step on that journey. 

What will Intel be doing with all that extra resources, you ask? Working on its Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) 2.0 strategy, apparently. 

“As we continue to prioritize investments in our IDM 2.0 strategy, we have made the difficult decision to exit our WWAN client business for both LTE and 5G,” the company said in statement issued to More than Moore.

Prioritizing IDM 2.0

“We are working with our partners and customers to facilitate a seamless transition to support their ongoing business and ensure our customers continue to have solutions for the connected PC segment," Intel added. 

"Moving forward, we remain committed to working to enable the industry to deliver great solutions to market and make sure those solutions work great on Intel-based platforms.”

Three years ago, Intel announced selling its 5G modem business to Apple, claiming it wasn’t profitable. Soon afterward, it partnered up with MediaTek to build 5G modems for laptops and PC computers. The first products hit the shelves in 2021, but it seems these devices will be shortlived, too. 

As for 4G tech, Intel’s partner for 4G LTE modems was a company called Fibocom. 

Now, it seems as Intel’s plan is to hand over the 4G/5G tech to these two companies so that they can continue developing and supporting it. Intel will most likely exit the 5G market entirely by July this year, and the whole WWAN business by 2025. That is when the last 4G products could be shipped. 

Intel’s other connectivity efforts, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt, will continue as usual. 

Via: More than Moore

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