IDrive launches remote desktop solution

IDrive Remote Desktop
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The cloud storage (opens in new tab) provider IDrive (opens in new tab) has launched its own remote desktop software (opens in new tab) to make it easier for users to access their Windows computers and servers from anywhere.

With IDrive Remote Desktop, users can remotely access their RDP-based Windows computers and servers from any PC, Mac, Android or iOS device at any time from wherever they are.

The company's latest solution provides a fast and secure remote access solution that doesn't require users to configure a VPN (opens in new tab), Microsoft RD Gateway, public servers or make changes to their firewall (opens in new tab)

IDrive Remote Desktop gives users the ability to access their work files, shared folders and manage their computer as if they were sitting right in front of it which makes IDrive's remote desktop software a great fit for those working from home (opens in new tab) or learning remotely.

IDrive Remote Desktop

One of the biggest benefits of IDrive Remote Desktop is that it lets users avoid the cumbersome configuration and expensive maintenance required when using Microsoft RD Gateway (opens in new tab). At the same time, there's no need for a system admin to maintain remote access and users won't need to invest in a VPN router (opens in new tab) to access their systems securely.

IDrive Remote Desktop also includes robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, trusted devices, two-step verification and Single Sign-On (opens in new tab). File sharing is made easier as well and users can copy and paste multiple files and folders between local and remote computers. However, they can also print remotely stored documents, PDFs, images and other files using their local printers.

Organizations can take advantage of IDrive Remote Desktop to meet government and industry regulations in regard to digital data management, safekeeping and privacy. The new solution also assists medical, accounting and legal compliances such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / FINRA.

IDrive Remote Desktop starts at $9.95 per year per computer for unlimited users and unlimited remote access and IDrive also offers a 7-day free trial (opens in new tab) for up to five users without having to input your credit card details.

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