HP’s slim new all-in-one PC means serious business

HP has revealed a number of fresh business PCs, spearheaded by an all-in-one which boasts some really neat features including vanishingly thin bezels and optional pop-up webcams.

This is the redesigned EliteOne 800 G3 (third-generation) which HP notes is the first commercial all-in-one computer to include dual-facing cameras – these are pop-up webcams, as mentioned, with infrared support, allowing for Windows Hello logins.

The machine sports a 23.8-inch non-glare touchscreen with a Full HD resolution, and the bezels on three sides are very thin (with the bottom bezel being thicker because it contains the integrated speaker – with audio by Bang & Olufsen, incidentally).

The thin bezel means the EliteOne 800 not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but if you’ve got several of the PCs situated next to each other in multi-monitor fashion, the displays blend seamlessly. This computer also has an adjustable stand.

In terms of the spec, there’s a Kaby Lake processor, and you can run with the integrated graphics or plump for a discrete AMD Radeon GPU for a bit more oomph. Pricing hasn’t yet been revealed.

Tower power

Alongside this nifty all-in-one, HP also unveiled several desktop and tower PCs, including the EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower which is being billed as the ‘world’s most powerful commercial desktop’, and a VR-ready machine.

It can be specified with a Kaby Lake processor (up to a Core i7-7700), and up to 64GB of system memory along with a varied selection of storage options (which include HP’s 1TB Turbo Drive G2, an NVMe SSD). Prices currently start at around $890 (about £730, AU$1,175).

Described as its smaller sibling, the HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Desktop Mini is designed for those who want a computer that takes up the minimum amount of desk space. It comes in 35W or 65W models, equipped with a Kaby Lake CPU, Intel Optane memory and Windows 10 Pro. Prices start at $799 (about £660, AU$1,055).

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