HP reinvents the printer for the smart home

While printers have gained additional functionality in the form of wireless and Bluetooth support, they still often standout in a home office or family room due to their clunky design and large form factor.

HP is looking to solve these issues with its new line of Tango printers that have been completely redesigned from the ground up to fit seamlessly in today's smart home.

The new device features a minimalist and compact design that helps it blend in with other smart home gadgets. The Tango has a first of its kind fabric cover based on the latest trends in fashion, design and materials similar to the fabric used in Google and Amazon's smart speakers. 

HP has designed its new printer in such a way that users can keep it in their living spaces for more convenient use but close it up when they want it to disappear into the décor. The Tango also features an LED illuminated paper tray that lets users know when it is printing or out of paper.

Smart functionality

The Tango is at its core a smart device which means that it can be completely controlled using the HP Smart app. The app allows users to print from anywhere via cellular data or from a remote Wi-Fi connection. Tango is even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that users can print with just voice commands.

HP will also notify users on their smartphones when a print job is complete of if their device's cover is closed. These notifications will inform users regarding their ink and paper levels too so that they're ready to print at all times.

To get the most out of Tango though, you'll need to sign up for HP Instant Ink which allows the printer to automatically reorder ink on its own.

HP's new printers will come in two variants: the HP Tango (which does not include the cover) for $169.99 (£129) and the HP Tango X (which includes the cover) for $235.72 (£179). 

The HP Tango will be available next month with covers in Indigo Linen, Charcoal Linen and Cork Currant later this year.

Anthony Spadafora

After working with the TechRadar Pro team for the last several years, Anthony is now the security and networking editor at Tom’s Guide where he covers everything from data breaches and ransomware gangs to the best way to cover your whole home or business with Wi-Fi. When not writing, you can find him tinkering with PCs and game consoles, managing cables and upgrading his smart home.