hide.me VPN boosts data transfer limit

Data Transfer Limit Increase
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At a time when VPN usage has seen massive growth due to a huge number of people now working from home, hide.me has announced that it has raised the data transfer limit of its free plan from 2GB to 10GB.

New users that sign up for the VPN company's 'Free' tier will get 10GB once they subscribe to the service. However, this data transfer limit will automatically renew every month which means hide.me users will get access to 10GB for the rest of their lives.

Free VPNs often get a bad rap due to their monthly data limits and potential privacy issues. Thankfully though, hide.me is a reputable service that is now giving users more than enough data to use each month.

Unlimited data transfer

While hide.me has increased the data transfer limit of its free plan from 2GB to 10GB per month, you can still continue using the service once you've exhausted all of your data.

Once you've reached 10GB of data use in a month, you can continue using the service's free plan as an unlimited data transfer plan, though there is a small catch.

After exhausting the 10GB per month limit, hide.me users will no longer be able to choose a server location. Instead, they'll be connected to a random server which is a small tradeoff to continue using the service.

Another nice thing about hide.me is the fact that the service's free plan doesn't require users to add any payment information or register to use it.

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