Gotham Knights trailer shows Nightwing with some pretty sweet haircuts

Nightwing poses with two sticks and electric flares behind him
(Image credit: WB Games Montreal)

Gotham Knights revealed a brand new trailer at the Summer Game Fest Live presentation, showcasing Nightwing in the newest character feature.

The Gotham Knights trailer covers Nightwing, the adult version of the first ever Robin, Dick Grayson. The game takes place in a Batman-less Gotham, and while he has the support of his Bat-Family, Nightwing finds himself shouldering the burden of being Gotham's protector. 

The trailer showcases a ton of moves and customization and is a great jumping-off point if you are unfamiliar with the character. It's clear that Nightwing is going to be acting as somewhat of a leader for the gang. 

Pay special attention to just how many hair cuts you can give him too, from his normal bangs, to a long ponytail to... an interesting buzzcut. It certainly looks like you'll have plenty of ways to customize your Nightwing in-game. You can check out the trailer here:

During the presentation, it was established that this is the first trailer in an upcoming series of character features, with three more showcasing the other playable characters – Batgirl, Redhood, and Tim Drake's Robin –  still to come.

Gotham Knights is a fascinating premise, putting the focus on characters that are usually supporting players in the Batman world. The game sees the four trying to navigate Bruce Wayne's death (supposedly anyways – this is based on comics after all). It's up to them to fill those big shoes, coming together to keep their city safe.

While WB Games Montreal has previously worked in the Arkham universe with Arkham Origins, this title has tried to distance itself from that series and act as a separate story to that world. That said, the gameplay appears to be heavily influenced by that franchise, and there will be special attention paid to four-player co-op combat in Gotham Knights, with each player able to take up a member of the broader Bat-people.

Gotham Knights is out on October 25 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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