Google Meet has made joining secure meetings much less of a nuisance

Admit All Participants
(Image credit: Google)

Joining meetings in Google's video conferencing software is about to get a whole lot easier as the company has added the ability to accept knocks in bulk in Meet.

This means that the meeting organizer will now be able to admit all participants or students at once which will help limit interruptions during the video call. 

At the same time though, the new feature may also help boost productivity as participants will no longer have to wait for others to join a call and can instead get started discussing the important matters at hand.

Adding multiple users to a Meet call

Up until now a meeting organizer in Google Meet had to go through the list of participants waiting to join a call and add each one individually.

With the latest update though, a meeting organizer can bulk admit participants into a video call but they will need to stay in the meeting to do so.

To get started, click “View all” when you have multiple participants waiting to join a meeting. Here you'll be able to admit or deny entry to participants individually but at the bottom of this window, meeting organizers will now see the option to admit all or deny all as well.

By being able to add all participants at once, meeting organizers will save time which can be put to better use during the meeting itself.

Anthony Spadafora

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