Google Cloud Enterprise Search is getting even better with AI models

Google Cloud
(Image credit: Google Cloud)

In response to the limits of traditional enterprise search, Google Cloud has now lifted the lid on generative search, made possible using the company’s own generative AI technology.

In its announcement, Google explained how traditional search surfaces a list of links and requires manual investigation to locate the most relevant answers. With generative AI assistance, the company hopes to help users deal with more complex questions more quickly while handling summaries.

With Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder, organizations are able to create their own chatbots and semantic search applications.

Enterprise Search with generative AI

Enterprise Search product lead Kalyan Pamarthy explains how organizations can build their own chatbots and semantic search applications in a matter of “a few minutes,” all with minimal coding, while leveraging Google’s enterprise-grade management and security.

Keen to sing its own praises, Google touches on how previous attempts to combine generative AI and search technology have been poor, lacking scalability and being susceptible to data-leaks, among other concerns. 

Enterprise Search, with its injection of AI, will now be able to handle multimodal data, including images, as well as multi-turn and in-line conversations to allow users to ask follow-up questions. 

As a service model, Pamarthy stresses how enterprises can focus on building their best product without the worries of handling the cloud complexity behind the scenes.

For those looking to get more out of their Enterprise Search product, Gen App Builder can also be integrated with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI for foundation model tuning.

Enterprise Search on Gen App Builder is generally available for customers on the allowlist, and those looking to try out the new tool should contact Google Cloud for pricing details in relation to their own enterprise and existing Google services.

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