Chrome update will soon help you stop making a huge security mistake

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Making sure you have strong passwords has been common security advice for some time, but Google Chrome is now looking to go a step further with its latest update.

The browser is reportedly working on a new feature which will immediately show just how strong, or weak, your passwords are.

Google is clearly hoping to help users who are unsure about the safety of their login details, by building the password checker tool directly into Chrome, rather than users needing to rely on third-party services.

Google Chrome password checker

Spotted by About Chromebooks, the tool is included within an upcoming build of ChromeOS, where it is given the self-explanatory name "Password Strength Indicator".

"Enables password strength indicator when typing a password during a sign-up and password change flows," the description reads, suggesting that the tool will only apply for users creating new passwords, or when changing an existing one.

The feature is noted as being "approved", meaning it will currently be in testing and development, with a wider public release expected sometime soon.

Google Chrome has committed to helping users stay safe online with a number of password-related tools in the past, not least through its in-built password manager.

Besides storing existing passwords, the service also includes a password generator to help users create strong, unique and complex passwords for each of your online accounts. This tool is now also able to store notes with your passwords, allowing for extra reminders or context, as well as differentiating between a work and personal account.

Chrome for Android users are also being kept safe through Google's Duplex on the Web technology, which can automatically change any passwords it knows may have been compromised in a hack or data breach, displaying a pop-up alert notifying the user they may be at risk.

Alternately, Google Assistant can take users to the change password page for particular services whenever they need to alter their logins, or offer a suggested strong password.

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