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5G services are now offered by the majority of mobile network operators across the UK, US, China, and beyond. Although coverage still leaves a lot to be desired, the connection speeds are impressive - allowing you to download a 5GB movie in less than a minute. High connection speeds aside, the technology provides plenty of other, less headline-grabbing benefits that could see it become truly transformative.

The ‘Complete Guide to 5G’ offers an in-depth overview of how 5G technology works, revealing its key benefits and challenges. This free 23-page guide also showcases the 5G use cases you can expect to see both now and in the future. Furthermore, it provides a rundown of the health concerns surrounding 5G and examines whether these are justified.

You’ll learn the details about how the technology reaches its users, what its infrastructure includes, what are its main types, which devices on the market are 5G-ready, what apps can help you test your 5G connection, and more.

The document also quotes some of the leading figures within the 5G industry (from the likes of Samsung, Three, and Onecome), who discuss the challenges and opportunities that 5G will pose for businesses in 2020 and beyond. To get your own exclusive copy of the ‘Complete Guide to 5G’, simply click the link below.