SanDisk bemuses with Nintendo SD cards

SanDisk launches ridiculously expensive Nintendo-branded SDHC cards

SanDisk has announced a new 8GB official memory card for the Nintendo DSi, with official Nintendo branding and everything!

SanDisk promises that the new cards allow DSi gamers to store more photos, more music and more games.

Weirdly, the suggested retail prices for these branded SD cards are £8 for the 2GB, £12 for the 4GB and £23 for the 8GB card.

Official Nintendo rip-off

Something seems a bit fishy here. Even SanDisk admits in its own press release that "Nintendo DSi is compatible with all SDHC formats," (ie the cheaper un-branded ones!).

But then goes on to claim that "the branded SanDisk SDHCcards provide added assurance for consumers that it can be used in the Nintendo DSi."

This is, to put it as mild as we can, utter hog-tosh because of course you can just buy a normal non-Nintendo branded SanDisk SD card for less than half that price on

Your call. Do you really love official Nintendo products THAT much?