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PSP Go gets internet tethering

PSP Go gets internet tethering via mobile phone feature
PSP Go gets internet tethering via mobile phone feature

Sony's new PSP Go handheld launches today in the UK, with the gaming giant announcing a new firmware update that introduces Bluetooth internet tethering and a raft of cool new music features for the PSP.

Firmware 6.10 will let you tether your shiny new PSP Go to your cellphone via Bluetooth so that you can piggyback your phone's Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection.

A very cool feature indeed, particularly seeing as the new PSP Go is UMD-free, with Sony bravely taking the plunge into a digital-download only future.

Mood music

If that wasn't enough to tempt you to shell out £225 on a new PSP Go, PSPs will also get a new XMB feature called SensMe with the latest firmware update, which basically lets you generate playlists from your music library based on different moods.

PlayStation Network's Eric Lempel outlines all of these new PSP features over on the PlayStation Blog

Lempel also notes that an update to the MediaGo software for your PC, to assist in moving PS Store items from the internets to you PSP, is also set to release this week.

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Via Joystiq