The best PS Vita deals in July 2024

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So you're looking for a cheap PS Vita? Unfortunately, Sony shut down global production of the console in 2019, so it's practically impossible to find anything in stock right now - let alone a deal. It's even harder than finding Sony's latest console - though you can make that a bit easier by following our PS5 restock hub.

Your only real option is to go second-hand, but many places are still charging a small fortune for these preowned or refurbished models. Nevertheless, we regularly sweep the net to find what prices are available today if you're desperate to buy a PS Vita.

It's a real shame that Sony stopped producing the PS Vita as it was a brilliant little handheld gaming console. At the time it was the most powerful and graphically impressive handheld we'd seen. But with the increasing capabilities of smartphones - not to mention the meteoric rise of the Nintendo Switch - dedicated handheld consoles fell out of favour.

Still, the PS Vita had a few terrific games, plus many forward-thinking features such as the ability to stream games from your PS4. But now, the PS Vita isn't much more than an odd curio and interesting collector's item - even if some games are still in development for it. At least Sony reversed their decision of shutting down the console's digital store, so you can still buy games online if you decide to get the Vita second hand.

Effectively, we're saying this PS Vita deals page is a little redundant in this day and age. Still, we're keeping it spinning while there are still some opportunities to buy one - no matter how small. You can check out the latest prices we've found just below.

The cheapest PS Vita prices

The 2014 PS Vita Slim

Sony PS Vita Slim (2014) prices

The PS Vita Slim was originally launched in 2014 with a number of subtle internal and external changes that were mostly welcome improvements. The design tweaks make for a more portable, comfortable system, although they did come at the expense of the OLED screen which was replaced with a less vivid LCD. Aside from that, the handheld is around 20% slimmer than the original, bringing it down to 15mm. It's also 42g lighter, which you would notice immediately as soon as you pick the PS Vita Slim up. This is the version of the handheld that you're more likely to find if you're getting one second hand.

The original PS Vita

Sony PS Vita (Original) prices

There are a few reasons why you might opt for the 2012 original PS Vita over the 2014 redesign if you can find it. Most importantly, it's every bit as powerful and plays all the same games. Plus, this version has a crisp OLED screen which is better than the LCD unit in the 2014 model. Admittedly this older model doesn't have the same impressive battery life, but it all comes down to price and availability. If the 2014 model is priced reasonably and more readily available, we'd recommend you go for that one. If you manage to find a super cheap original model, though, you should strongly consider it.

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