Android-powered Mad Catz MOJO console will also stream PC games to TV

Android powered Mad Catz MOJO console will also stream PC games to TV

The MOJO games console, running on Android, will also act as a go-between to allow PC titles to be streamed to the television, the manufacturer Mad Catz has confirmed.

The gaming peripheral specialist had been coy about its PC streaming plans since opening pre-orders for the exciting micro console earlier this year, but has now spilled the beans on the functionality.

The company told Engadget the feature will be enabled in a software update "available shortly after launch."

The addition of PC streaming will give the MOJO a better shot at hanging with rivals, the Nvidia Shield and the forthcoming Valve Steam Machines, which boast the same functionality.

Christmas bonus

The open sourced console, which brings full access to the Google Play store, was announced in June and will ship to pre-order customers on December 10.

It costs £220 (US$250, AU$359) and comes packing an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage.

There's also a Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Gamepad that also allows smartphones to be attached when playing on the small screen.