Bethesda: Natal 'seems wasted on games'

Bethesda developer urges Microsoft to open up the API for Project Natal

A leading games developer at Bethesda has implored Microsoft to open up its application programming interface (API) for Project Natal, suggesting that Natal-based apps are set to flourish well beyond the gaming market.

Bethesda developer Ashley Cheng said if Microsoft were to "open up" the API of Natal then the potential for what other developers – games developers and general app developers – could do with the tech is almost limitless.

Natal wasted on games

The Fallout 3 production director outlined his thoughts on his blog, noting that: "Seeing [Natal] in action, I was totally blown away by it. It seems wasted on games, really.

"Microsoft should open the NATAL API up like Apple does with the iphone/ipad. Let anyone make a NATAL "app." I bet someone makes a killer app that has nothing to do with gaming."

Project Natal should finally get a more consumer-friendly name at E3 in Los Angeles next month.

Via VG247