Facebook acquires customer service CRM platform Kustomer

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Facebook has reached an agreement to acquire the customer service-focused CRM company Kustomer which enables businesses to manage customer conversations across multiple services using one dashboard.

When the phone rings, companies know they need to answer it but what happens when more business interactions are conducted online? Text and chat messages are increasingly becoming just as important as phone calls and businesses need to adapt.

Facebook has witnessed this shift firsthand as more than 175m consumers now contact businesses via WhatsApp everyday. However, this number continues to grow as organizations realize that messaging provides a better overall customer experience and helps drive sales. For this reason, Facebook recently announced several API updates for both WhatsApp and Messenger that allow for additional integration with partner tools and faster onboarding to help businesses manage their communications with customers.

The social media giant's acquisition of Kustomer will allow it to further monetize messaging at a time when more businesses see the technology's potential when it comes to customer service.

Kustomer acquisition

Kustomer is an omnichannel CRM platform that has the ability to bring customer conversations from various channels together into a single-screen view. The company's platform can also help businesses automate repetitive tasks so their agents can focus on the quality of customer interactions instead.

Through its acquisition of Kustomer, Facebook plans to support the company's operations by providing it with the resources needed to scale its business and improve and innovate its platform further. As a result, more people will benefit from customer service that is faster, richer and available whenever and however they need it.

Kustomer is just one solution that is trying to improve customer service and Facebook will continue to support others so that businesses can integrate their CRM platform of choice with its messaging services. 

According to a press release announcing the acquisition, neither company has disclosed the financial terms of the deal which is still subject to closing conditions and regulatory approval.

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