Every new VR game announced at the Meta Quest Gaming showcase

Moss Book 2 was one of the games announced for the Quest 2
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The Meta Quest Gaming showcase is now over for 2022. 

The roughly 30-minute presentation highlighted several exciting new Quest 2 games that are headed our way over the coming year, including Among Us VR and Cities: VR.

If you missed the Meta event, or want a reminder of all the great VR games that were teased, then here are details and trailers for every game that was announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase.

Ghostbusters VR

You ready to bust some ghosts? Yep, that's right, a Ghostbusters VR game is headed to the Quest 2 later this year.

As you can see from the trailer, you and a team of three other ghost hunters will have to venture into spooky environments to take out the ghosts terrorizing your neighborhood.

There's not too much else that we know right now, but be sure to check back for details as Meta announces more in the run-up to this game's release.

Moss: Book II

Following its incredible debut on PSVR, Moss: Book II is headed to the Quest 2 this Summer (that’s June, July, or August).

Much like the original, Moss: Book II has delighted players with its unique take on the classic adventure game. From your VR perspective, you can manipulate the environment so that Quill can complete various puzzles and take down enemies.

Book II continues the adventures of Quill following her successful rescue of her Uncle Argus in Book I. Things won’t be easy though as Quill is hunted by a winged tyrant who seems hell bent on preventing her from ending the rule of the Arcane. 

Beat Saber: Electronic Mixtape

Beat Saber is set to expand its song library with a tracklist dedicated to your favorite EDM tunes. This will include songs from major artists like Deadmau5, Marshmello, and Pendulum - as well as the much-memed Sandstorm from Darude.

The latest Beat Saber updates – like the OST 5 and the Fall Out Boy add-ons – are some of the game’s best yet. The songs and settings are incredible, with the FOB tracks putting you on center stage in front of a massive crowd; plus the recently added arc and chain mechanics make levels feel more immersive than ever before.

We can’t wait to play the electronic mixtape.

Among Us VR

Following up its amazing VR hits like I Expect You To Die 2 and Lost Recipes, developer Schell Games is partnering with InnerSloth and Robot Teddy to bring Among Us to the Quest 2 later this year. 

We’ve also heard that Schell Games is set to release three more games in partnership with Meta. Though we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what those could be. 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution

Get ready to put your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the test when The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution launches later this year. 

Following on from the original where players decided to either save or condemn New Orleans, Skydance Interactive will put fans back into the action in an even tougher fight for survival. There are more walkers, fewer resources, and a brand new threat that’s out for blood. 

Cities: VR

The fan-favorite city builder game, Cities: Skylines has been lovingly recreated exclusively for the Quest 2 as Cities: VR.

Fast Travel Games have turned you into the head of your own city, where you’ll be responsible for maintaining your residents' power, homes, and happiness. This VR experience may not be a one-to-one port, but it’ll give you an all-new way to craft the cityscape of your dreams (or your nightmares, if you’re so inclined).

What’s more, if you preorder the game ahead of its April 28 release, you’ll get it for 10%-off. 


Following on from its realistic VR experience Boneworks, Stress Level Zero is back with an all-new game built for the Quest 2 and PC VR in 2022.

Promising an even deeper level of immersion and realism than its predecessor, Bonelab will test players' combat skills as they fight their way through a mysterious underground lab while trying to escape execution. 

Every object in Bonelab will behave just like it does in real life, so players can bring a flair of creativity to their fight for survival as they use every tool in the world around them to take down foes. 

NFL Pro Era

The very first official NFL game is making its way to the Quest 2. Using NFL game data, NFL Pro Era promises to deliver an authentic NFL experience so you can start to feel like the pros.

Through its quarterback training drills and other exercises, you’ll learn to read the defense, run the offense, and make plays that will help you take home the trophy - all while surrounded by a virtual recreation of your favorite NFL stadium. 


The Meta Quest Gaming showcase gave us another lookat RuinsMagus, a fantasy JRPG in VR.

Playing as a novice wizard, players must explore a long-forgotten labyrinth of ruins hidden below the streets of Grand Amnis. As players explore, their control over the mystic arts will develop, turning them into a fully-fledged Magus.

Releasing later this year the base game promises to deliver plenty of content with 26 fully voice-acted quests featuring Japanese voice actors.  

Resident Evil 4 - The Mercenaries

One of the best Meta Quest 2 games is now even better as The Mercenaries mode finally comes to Resident Evil 4 VR.

The classic game mode that pitted players against wave after wave of Ganados has finally been added to the VR version of the hit horror game. Plus, it’s getting a few new challenges for players to test their skills against.

Completing challenges will unlock new goodies, too, like a Big Head Mode and a black-and-white Classic Horror Mode. Not only can these unlocks be used in The Mercenaries mode but they can be used in the main campaign to mix up your next playthrough. 

Red Matter 2

Those waiting to find out what’s going to happen after Red Matter’s cliffhanger ending will soon get an answer.

Picking right up from where the previous game left off, players must continue their quest to stop the red matter by traveling across the solar system. On your way, you’ll uncover dark secrets as you do your best to save humanity.

Vertical Robot promises that Red Matter 2 is a more ambitious adventure than its previous title, with more variety in the tools and puzzles you’ll be faced with. There’s no release date yet, but the team has said they’ll share more details with us later in the year. 

Espire 2

Return to the intriguing world of international espionage with Tripwire Presents and Digital Lode’s Espire 2.

In this follow-up to their 2019 spy thriller, players will once again be sent on an impossible mission to prevent the launch of a terrifying untraceable missile. Wielding an array of high-tech gizmos it’s time to pull off your best Ethan Hunt impressions as you sneak behind enemy lines to save the world for a second time.

Plus this time you don’t need to work alone as Espire 2 will feature a co-op campaign set between the events of this game and Espire 1 that you and a friend can take on together.

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