Every announcement at Sony's PlayStation Showcase

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Sony’s PlayStation Showcase has been and gone, and with it we’ve received a dizzying array of new announcements, trailers, and launch details. 

There’s a lot to unpack, so whether you caught the PlayStation Showcase and want a refresher, or you want a neat summary of all the announcements, we at TechRadar Gaming have got you covered. 

Although juggernauts like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 received their fair share of attention, there were also plenty of unexpected treats and fun curveballs including more news on Alan Wake 2 as well as a successor to beloved indie side-scroller Night in the Woods

The PlayStation Showcase was a real delight, showing off the sheer range of different titles available not only on Sony’s flagship console but also across the industry as a whole. In just over an hour of trailers and previews, we were treated to charming indie adventure games like Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean and The Plucky Squire, while also being treated to high-budget cinematic offerings from the likes of Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Read on for our complete list of every new announcement at the PlayStation Showcase.   

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 received not one, but two new trailers, showing off 10 minutes of faced-paced gameplay as well as some details behind one of the game's major villains: Kraven.  The gameplay trailer shows off a fast-paced boat chase through New York, complete with quippy dialogue and web-slinging action. 

Helldivers 2

Channelling the irreverent parody at the heart of cult classic film Starship Troopers, this upcoming title from Arrowhead studios has you take on the role of a sci-fi drop trooper, fighting aliens on far-flung planets. Judging from the trailer, this co-op third-person shooter places an emphasis on teamwork and objective-based gameplay.     

Immortals of Aveum

This magic-based first-person shooter offers a refreshing take on the genre, trading assault rifles and grenades for flashy spells and fantasy wizardry. The combat looks fierce and varied, promising a frenetic light show alongside varied weapon types.  

Ghostrunner 2

Set in a grim, cyberpunk future,  Ghostrunner 2 will have you hacking, slashing and dodging your way through a dark sci-fi hellscape. 

Phantom Blade Zero

This freshly announced action RPG promises a dark artstyle, full of horror and occult intrigue. Inspired by Chinese mythology, this freshly announced title incorporates fast-paced swordfights and steampunk elements.  

Sword of the Sea

Giant Squid, the folks behind indie classic Journey, are at it again, with a gorgeous sand-surfing adventure. In Sword of the Sea you'll explore a vast landscape with the aim of uncovering a lost ocean. Expect breath-taking graphics with a side helping of feelings.

The Talos Principle 2

This story-driven first-person puzzler follows on from the original, wearing its philosophical themes and thought-provoking twists on its sleeve. The trailer shows off a range of stunning, mind-bending vistas ripe for exploration.  


From the minds behind Gris, Neva promises a brand new story told through a bold art style. The reveal trailer for Nomada Studio’s upcoming title shows a climactic battle against shadow creatures, resulting in a bittersweet conclusion for our protagonist and their animal friends.

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean

Revealed in a profoundly cute and pun-ridden trailer, the latest Cat Quest looks to be full of swashbuckling excitement and whimsical adventure. 


Published by Square Enix, this shooter, clearly inspired by Splatoon 3, shows gorgeously animated K-pop stars doing battle with foam-blasting weaponry. The short but sweet trailer has an undeniable sense of style. 

The Plucky Squire

This gorgeous indie adventure game looks absolutely charming and sees storybook heroes come to life in lovingly rendered 2D and 3D environments. The Plucky Squire is shaping up to be a family-friendly delight.  


Cathartic destruction simulator Teardown is coming to PS5 later this year. If you blowing things up then this satisfying block-destroying game might be for you. 

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater 

The beloved third entry in the Metal Gear Solid saga is getting a full-on remake, complete with modern graphics. Snake Eater is regarded by many to be the best entry in the series, and I can’t wait to see how the 2004 classic will look and feel once it’s had its glow-up. 

Towers of Aghasba 

This newly announced action adventure game places an emphasis on building and fantasy. You’ll be challenged to rebuild paradise, resurrecting the civilization and surrounding ecosystem. These breath-taking vistas and natural landscapes give Horizon: Forbidden West a run for its money.     

Dragon’s Dogma 2 

Dragons, magic and thrilling battles are dime a dozen in the trailer for this upcoming narrative driven action-RPG. Like its predecessor, Dragon’s Dogma 2 seems committed to providing an immersive, fantasy world for players, full of meaningful character customization and fluid combat. 

Final Fantasy 16 

Releasing June 22, Square Enix’s blockbuster RPG received a new launch trailer, showing off the epic story and jaw-dropping graphics. I had a hands-on with the game and very much liked what I saw. I am eagerly counting down the days until launch.  

Alan Wake 2

Originally teased years ago, Alan Wake 2 looks to follow up the cult classic horror game. Channeling Stephen King and Twin Peaks energy in a big way, Alan Wake 2 looks as though it’ll tell a broader story, from a range of different perspectives. 

Assassin's Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed has been long overdue [a return to its roots], and Mirage looks poised to do exactly that. Returning to the middle east, Mirage follows in the footsteps of the original Assassin’s Creed, emphasizing versatility and resourcefulness over flashy combat.  

Revenant Hill

From the folks behind indie cult classic Night in the Woods comes a new title where you take on the role of Twigs the cat. Set in 1920s america, the game will likely explore some serious emotional depths, belied by its charming aesthetic.  

A new trailer for action RPG Granblue Fantasy has dropped, showing off dramatic visual setpieces alongside a colorful fantasy world. This anime adventure seems reminiscent of Dragon Quest 11 and Trails of Cold Steel in its presentation and charm.

Street Fighter 6

Releasing on June 2, Street Fighter 6 is nearly upon us. Unlike its predecessors, however, the latest in the world-renowned fighting game series boasts a single player story mode where you can create your own character as part of a narrative campaign. It looks like a blast, and might be enough to get me to dip my toe into the genre. 


This 2D sci-fi exploration game promises a psychedelic experience from El Huervo, the creative force behind cult classic Hotline Miami. At first glance, it looks like a visually distinct adventure, with a fair share of metroidvania elements.  

Tower of Fantasy

This open-world future-fantasy RPG follows in the footsteps of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Starrail by offering slick anime action framed in a gambling-based Gacha system. Undoubtedly visually impressive, fans of Genshin or Honkai may find plenty to enjoy once the game hits PS4 and PS5.  

Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted 2 

The jarring horror series is back with a newly announced sequel to the original Help Wanted. The original was a collection of mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. It’ll be interesting to see if the sequel follows suit.  

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

Coming as free DLC for the PS5 version of the Resident Evil 4 remake, the trailer shows off an immersive experience where you take on the role of Leon Kennedy on his mission to rescue the President’s daughter from rural Spain. The trailer looks immersive and scary – a real treat for folks who own a PSVR2 headset.   

Arizona Sunshine 2

Journey across post-apocalyptic Arizona in this freshly announced VR action game. The trailer shows off zombie-killing action alongside gory combat and irreverent one-liners.  

Crossfire: Sierra Squad  

Crossfire: Sierra Squad takes the modern shooter formula and places iot firmly in VR. Satisfying gunplay and tight action are the name of the game, here. Boasting 39 different weapon types, this arcade shooter looks like a blast. 


Promising the “next generation of immersive VR action”, Synapse, looks to be a high-concept sci-fi action game, full of violence, telekinetic powers and sinister monologues. This kind of trippy experience lends itself to VR beautifully. 

Beat Saber

An absolute VR classic, Beat Saber is now available on PSVR2 alongside a new Queen Music Pack complete with 11 songs from Freddie Mercury and co. Plus, if you already own Beat Saber on PSVR, you can upgrade to the PSVR2 version for free. It’s a nice touch for fans of the frenetic rhythm game. 


A remake of their classic from their days as Mac developers, it looks like Bungie are reinventing classic shooter Marathon for the modern gaming generation. The sci-fi PVP extraction shooter is officially coming to PS5, though we don't know exactly when as of yet. 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The final chapter of Destiny 2's Light and Darkness saga has been unveiled along with a tear-jerking trailer featuring (supposedly) deceased fan favorite character Cayde-6. High concept sci-fi and slick first person shooting surely await. 


Firewalk Studios has unveiled a brand new PvP multiplayer FPS. Though the teaser revealed little in terms of gameplay, the 1980s sci-fi aesthetic and sonorous synthwave soundtrack has certainly piqued my interest. 


Fairgame$ is a competitive heist game where, not only do you need to outwit NPCs to steal loot, you'll also be competing with other teams of thieves. It's an intriguing twist on the formula, and it'll be interesting to see where Haven Studios take this ambitious new concept. 

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