Entrepreneurs: Stop dreaming and start making your creative dreams a reality with Squarespace.

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Now more than ever, a solid online presence is necessary to run your own business, but there’s so much more to it than just building a professional website. From marketing to sales, digital security to bookkeeping, no one person, regardless of how talented they are, has all the skills and experience necessary to turn their ideas into a lucrative business, but that shouldn’t keep you from bringing your brilliant idea to life. 

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Of the many tools and services available to build your website and run your business online, Squarespace offers the complete package and now you can try it risk free for two weeks. Whether you’re looking to start a cooking blog, turn your art into your full time career, or transfer your existing business to a better host, Squarespace has tools to help you every step of the way. Whatever your creative endeavor, you can make it real with Squarespace.


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Secure the best domain for your website

Your domain is the first thing a customer sees. Before a single person reaches your homepage, your domain has already said a lot about your business. With Squarespace, you can register a new domain or transfer your existing domain, all for competitive and consistent pricing. Every Squarespace annual plan includes a custom domain free for the first year and additional domains can be added for as little as $20 a year.

You can also rest assured that Squarespace is keeping your website secure. Whether newly created or transferred, every domain added to your Squarespace site is automatically protected with an SSLsecurity certificate free of charge. This security extends to connected third-party domains, as well as all of your subdomains. Most important, this security covers your checkout page so your customers can purchase in confidence.

You can also trust Squarespace to protect your personal information. Nearly all Squarespace domains automatically include WHOIS privacy. You won’t have to worry about spam marketers scraping your personal data from WHOIS records again. Best of all, WHOIS privacy is also included in most Squarespace plans, free of charge.


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Build a stunning website

Once you’ve registered or transferred your domain to Squarespace, the next step is building an eye-catching and user friendly website. Squarespace offers all the tools necessary to assure you have a sleek, professional website design. With tons of beautiful and fully customizable templates, you can easily build a website that captures your business perfectly. Whether you want a simple and clean site to showcase your artwork and photos, a bright and cheerful site for your health and beauty products, or a bold and inspiring look that matches your company, Squarespace has options for virtually everyone.

Squarespace also offers several design tools that are just as easy to use to give your website a unique look. With dozens of layout pages from completely blank to pre-built, you can add appointment scheduling blocks, contact forms, FAQ pages, member only areas, and more. Each of these layout pages is fully customizable as well, with custom color palettes, a wide selection of font styles, free image galleries, and built-in photo editing tools. You can even design your logo with Squarespace’s free logo maker.


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An online shop that works for you

Whether you’re looking to sell a physical product or a digital one, offer subscriptions or gift cards, Squarespace has all the tools you need for eCommerce. You can offer your customers the best browsing experience with embedded images and videos, as well as related products. Your catalog can showcase an unlimited number of products, both physical and digital in an eye-catching and fully customizable layout.

You can also add even more functionality to your website with third-party tools. Squarespace offers seamless integrations for two dozen third-party extensions. You can manage all your shipments from a single, user friendly dashboard with Easyship, track your shipments and notify customers with Aftership, boost your traffic and sales with the social media marketing tool Outfy, and so much more.


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Sending the right message with marketing tools

Even the best website needs marketing to really thrive. Once you’ve built your site, Squarespace’s marketing tools will help you reach potential and existing customers, in addition to optimizing your SEO. Just as Squarespace’s templates help produce a sleek and professional website, the email marketing tools allow you to fully customize your promotional emails to engage with your audience. You can seamlessly integrate your various social media accounts with your Squarespace site.

However, perhaps the most useful of Squarespace’s marketing tools are the SEO targeting features. You don’t have to be well versed in the ins and outs of search engine optimization to increase your visibility on search engines. Squarespace offers an SEO checklist that walks you step-by-step through this process, as well as verifying your site with the free Google Search Console. Eliminate the guesswork and follow tried and true practices to drive your site’s traffic.

Be confident in your site’s performance with analytics tools

From traffic to sales, Squarespace’s analytics tools will break down just how well your site is working and which areas need improvement. The Traffic Panel breaks down how many visitors come to your site, the total page views, and unique clicks with stats and easy to read charts. The Activity Log will give you even more information about your audience, including both geographic location and online sources.

For those tracking the growth of their business, Squarespace also offers top notch sales analytics. The Sales Panel breaks down your sales with six key performance indicators:

  • Revenue
  • Units Sold
  • Orders
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value 
  • Revenue Per Visit

Squarespace also offers an Abandoned Cart Panel that helps you track incomplete orders, as well as abandoned carts recovered via email.

Another analytics tool offered by Squarespace is the Purchase Funnel Panel. This tool provides insight into how much traffic results in sales, as well as points where customers drop off. Using this data, you can adjust areas of your site that aren’t working for your audience to really optimize your sales.

Squarespace is with you every step

From securing your domain to building your homepage, analyzing your traffic to optimizing sales, these are just a handful of the easy to use tools Squarespace offers to make your creative dreams a reality. It’s easy to see why we so highly recommend Squarespace to build and host your website, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Start your free 14 day trial today and get a 10% discount  for your first purchase when you use the code: “TECHRADAR”.