Dying Light just got the mother of all updates, so I know what I'm playing this weekend

Man holding melee weapon jumps towards brute zombie in Dying Light while a second character with a makeshift shield and sword watches
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The sun has finally set on Harran with the final Dying Light update rolling out this week. But thanks to the slew of free content, it's rocketed right to the top of my list of games to play this weekend. 

Dying Light was released back in 2015, and its parkouring action set it apart from the multitude of other games in the genre. I'm a huge zombie fan, so coming off the back of Dead Island, I was itching for another hit of undead goodness. And Techland delivered.

The studio has continued to support the game with a steady stream of content post-launch, and is doing the same with Dying Light 2. Back in March, Dying Light got a free next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. And this last bumper update brings an expansion pack and four DLCs to base game owners for free. 

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What's included in the Dying Light free update?

I got through the base game pretty quickly; which is a miracle given I get easily distracted and have a mountain of unfinished titles. It doesn't have the most earth-shattering plot, but boy howdy, is it fun to parkour around the city, sweep up loot, and kill zombies. And when night falls, it turns into a horror-fest. 

I never got around to picking up the DLC or expansion because I'd moved on to something else by then. And dipping back into a game every time an update drops isn't something I do. So this free upgrade to the Dying Light Enhanced Edition is just the thing to justify diving back in.   

Techland detailed the final update this week but here's what owners of the Dying Light standard edition will be getting – and this is all free, remember:

  • The Following expansion
  • Bozak Horde
  • Cuisine and Cargo
  • Ultimate Survivor bundle
  • Crash Test skin bundle

The Following expansion includes a new map, storyline, and vehicle. The four DLC packs introduce a new game mode, as well as weapons, skins, and a sprinkling of other content. 

Given that my gaming pool has run dry, and I'm craving another dose of the undead, the freebies couldn't have come at a better time. So what if the sun is shining for a change? Stepping into an enhanced Harran and playing with new weapons, as well as taking the vehicles for a spin sounds like a blast.

Hellraid is the only DLC missing from the list, but it's a very different vibe to the main game. The mode sends you to a medieval castle, where you'll battle hordes of skeletons. It looks fun but isn't part of the core Dying Light experience, so you're not missing anything too major. 

So that's a wrap on Dying Light! I've been holding off on picking up Dying Light 2, but I'm sure dipping my toe back into the zombie-infested waters will soon change that.

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