Dying Light 1 just got better on Xbox Series X

Dying Light
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Dying Light 1's next-gen upgrade is available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

This free upgrade adds two new video modes to Dying Light on Xbox One X and Xbox Series S and three new video modes on Xbox Series X, having already rolled out to PS5 players in early March.

Those on Xbox One X and Series S will have access to the new Performance mode (30fps in full HD) and Quality mode (targetting 30fps in QHD resolution), with developer Techland also aiming to tackle EOS issues with new networking. 

Those who upgrade Dying Light to the Xbox Series X version will see the survival horror utilizing the power of Microsoft's latest console, with a Performance mode (60fps in full HD), Balanced mode (targeting 60fps in QHD) and Quality mode (30fps in 4K) now available.

This upgrade is available for free for anyone who already owns Dying Light on Xbox and an applicable console.

Opinion: still worth playing

Dying Light

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If you haven't played the original Dying Light yet, then it's absolutely worth doing so - especially if you've been eyeing up Dying Light 2

Though Dying Light is now seven years old, having released in 2015, it still holds up. Sure, it's a bit rough around the edges, but the recent next-gen upgrades will likely smooth that out and ultimately it's still one of the best survival horrors around - in my humble opinion. The world might not be as big as that of Dying Light 2's but, thanks to lots of DLC, there is plenty to keep you zombie-slaying for hours on end.

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