Dying Light 2 will get ‘at least’ 5 years of post-launch content

Dying Light 2 Stay Human screenshot
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Dying Light 2's February release date is fast approaching so developer, Techland, has confirmed some of its post-launch plans.

In a tweet posted by the official Dying Light 2 account, Techland said, “we guarantee to expand the world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human for at least 5 years post-launch.” The post-launch content will include “new stories, locations, in-game events and all the fun stuff you love!”

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Techland didn’t delve into any further specifics with regards to the post-launch plans – there’s still plenty of time for that given the game hasn’t even released yet – but this long-life approach isn’t new for the developer. The original Dying Light has received years of post-launch support and back in October 2021, the developer even mentioned work on a “next-gen patch”.

After a somewhat rocky development and a couple of delays, Dying Light 2 is finally set to release on February 4 for last and current-gen consoles as well as PC. We got to try the game out for ourselves towards the end of last year in a hands-on session and had a pretty great time with it. 

Analysis: letting the fun continue

This post-launch content announcement comes hot on the heels of Techland’s announcement – then clarification – of the length of time it’ll take players to complete Dying Light 2. 

Techland initially posted to Twitter that it would take “at least 500 hours” to complete the game, which brought forth a somewhat less than enthused response from fans. The developer then clarified that, actually, the game’s main story will take around 20 hours to complete, while tackling the story and all the side quests will take around 80 hours. It’s players that want to fully complete absolutely every aspect of the game that will be able to plug around 500 hours into it. 

This, Techland explained, is because Dying Light 2 has been designed “for players with different gameplay styles and preferences to explore the world how they see fit.” 

With this announcement of post-launch content, though, it looks like whether you’re a 20 hour player or a 500 hour player, as the years go by you’ll probably be given a good reason to turn your attention back to Dying Light 2 at some point. 

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