Dying Light 2 New Game Plus is on the cards - because a 500-hour campaign isn't enough

Dying Light 2 leg kicking bandit off roof
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Dying Light 2 made the headlines after its developer, Techland, claimed it would take more than 500 hours to complete everything in its open-world zombie survival game. That’s not enough for the game’s fans calling for a New Game Plus mode. Good news for them, Techland is on board.

If you’ve been carving your way through Dying Light 2, making friends with the city’s factions, upgrading your gear, getting to grips with the parkour shortcuts threaded through the metropolis of Villedor, you may already be thinking about how much better you’d do things if you had a fresh run at the campaign. A New Game Plus mode would reset Villedor back to the state you found it at the beginning of the story but let you keep all your souped-up powers and gear.

Since it launched in February, Techland has been fixing Dying Light 2 bugs, and a big patch is due out later this week on PC and console. On top of that, in answer to a fan’s question, the developer also confirms it is “seriously thinking about” a New Game Plus mode.

Techland says “it’s too early to promise anything yet,” but the feature is on the cards.

This week, the patch Techland is releasing fixes Dying Light 2’s notorious death loop bug. Some players have found themselves caught in an endless cycle of death where as soon as they load into a save they die with no way out. If you encounter the bug and haven’t backed up your save, and let’s face it, how often are we in the habit of doing that? It can mean having to go back to a save made hours before, losing all the progress you’ve made.

Techland is also making fixes and improvements to Dying Light 2’s ragdoll animations, user interface, and more. Hopefully, it will also solve the bugs that stopped Vic from playing, right when she was enjoying the game most.

Techland says it plans to continue supporting Dying Light 2 with new DLC and expansions for another five years - which is no idle boast when you look at the many releases for the original Dying Light. But, while new places to explore are always welcome, there’s a unique thrill that comes from running through a game again leveled up like a superhero.

And, considering Dying Light 2 takes 500 hours to complete, a New Game Plus mode would give Techland a little breathing space to work on those other DLC.

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