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Dying Light 2 is a game of choices. Much more than the first, the title introduces choice throughout its story but also its world. As you complete tasks, you will open up the world and find access to facilities that will let you choose how you shape the world of a Viral infected city.

The most obvious way you will do that is by assigning Facilities from one faction to the other. There are only two options to choose from, but each brings a specific focus to an area. That could be more trap-orientated gameplay or something more focused on mobility. 

As you open up the world, you will find Facilities that you can assign either to the Survivors or the Peacekeepers, Dying Light's version of the police. Each facility offers some kind of in-world upgrade that can make your survival much easier. Each faction has seven upgrades and there are perhaps unsurprisingly seven locations you can assign, so if you want to get the end of one track you will have to give the city entirely to one or the other.

Here's everything you need to know about assigning facilities and pledging the city of Villedor to either the Survivors or the Peacekeepers in Techland's Dying Light 2.

How to take over a Facility

Dying Light 2

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To assign a sector to one faction or the other, you need to take over a building that controls the resources in that area. That can be a water tower or an electricity station which are contained in each area. 

Generally, they are not a huge challenge to open up but they do require different things. Water towers for instance are generally a climbing challenge. You need to climb up to the top of the water tower where you will activate it and then hand it over to one faction or another.  

Electricity Stations usually involve a little bit of climbing but are usually puzzles about how to navigate the space. You need to reconnect powerlines but only have so much chord length. This means to make it reach, you have to get creative with shortcuts to have one side connect to the other. Once this is done, you can choose which faction gets control of the facility.

Can all zones be taken over? Which ones can?

Dying Light 2

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The short answer is no, not all zones can be taken over. There are 12 zones in total across the entire city. Out of those twelve, seven can be assigned. The remaining five are held by various factions permanently as they have story-related settlements in them. This means you do have to be selective with how you choose your allegiances and which upgrades you really want to go after.

There are also three sectors that start off red, which belong to the Renegades. Garrison and Lower Damn Ayre can be reclaimed, but there is no facility in the New Found Lost Lands to switch its allegiance. You also can't pledge a facility to the Renegades. Sorry.

The seven sectors that you can take control of and assign are:

  • Houndfield
  • Horseshoe
  • Downtown
  • Muddy Grounds
  • Saint Paul Island
  • Garrison
  • Lower Damn Ayre

Survivor upgrades for Facilities

Dying Light 2

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The Survivors (which is a weird name considering the Peacekeepers and Renegades theoretically survived too) are who you will first truly encounter in the world of Dying Light 2. As you become embedded with the Bazaar, you will learn about the struggles, both above board and not, of those that have little power in the zombie apocalypse. That's why it's easy to have sympathy with the faction, despite some of their less than savory behavior. 

If you do decide to throw settlements to the Survivors, your traversal of the city will become much easier. All of the Survivor upgrades are geared towards getting around easier, be that with higher jumps, ziplines, or even a helping hand if you fall. 

Here are all the upgrades you will get at each level with the Survivors.


Ziplines are... well, about what you might expect. Once this is unlocked, you will find a lot more around survivor-controlled areas meaning you can move between gaps that you'd previously have to get down from the safety of the rooftops.


These are surprisingly not like crashmats or to break your fall. Quite the opposite. Instead, think of them as a launchpad. They merely push you far into the air helping you get over high obstacles. 

Landing Bags

Now, these are the things that will break your fall. If you unlock these, you will see yellow pill-shaped balloons on top of tall buildings (Yes, they look like Minions). If you run at them, you will tackle them off a building, allowing you to fall without damage.

Survivor Revival

A helping hand in a zombie apocalypse can go a long way. As you run around the world, you're bound to fall from time to time. This upgrade keeps you in the game. If you fall to your death, a survivor will come out of nowhere to get you back on your feet. See, friendship does heal. This is only useable once every 6 minutes though. 

Air Vents

Air Vents are in plenty of areas of the map already, but this upgrade puts even more around and also increases your mobility while using your Paraglider off the back of a launch.

Upgraded Airbags

Fairly straightforward here. Get the unlock, and Airbags will launch you even higher, so you will be able to scale buildings. Fun!

Two Way Zipline

While it's not the flashiest of upgrades to see out the track, it's very easy to underestimate how much movement two-way ziplines bring to the game. With this and all the other unlocks, you really will rarely need to touch the ground.

Peacekeepers upgrades for Facilities

Dying Light 2

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If you'd rather side with those that wield the firepower, the Peacekeepers will be who you want to side with. While they make life for the Survivors tough, they are less likely to stab you in the back for clean water. 

The militant force forgoes the flashy movement-based upgrades of the Survivors and instead creates points around the city for force. These upgrades are all about doing damage in increasingly dangerous ways. 

From the simple act of bombs to Loony Tunes like contraptions, you will be able to cause havoc if you pledge Villador to the Peacekeeper.

Car Traps

Car Traps are a great way to clear areas or distract the undead. Setting them off will make a loud noise, attracting any Virals in the vicinity. After a time, it will then explode, killing anything near it.

PK Razor Cannon

These are big powerful cannons that are placed around the map on various structures. These tear through the undead, but they are mounted so can only be used in set locations

Electrical Traps

Electrical Traps allow you to manage the hoards fairly effectively. If you set them off, they will electrocute anything within their radius and also effectively seal off an entrance. This lets you kill anything chasing you but also get some distance between you and anything that might be coming too. 

Crossbow Pack

The Crossbow Pack doesn't actually affect anything out in the world. Instead, the Peacekeepers will just give you access to a semi-automatic crossbow, as well as various craftable ammo types. 

Molotov Lanterns

It seems the Peacekeepers have taken to hanging up flammable Molotovs all around. This means you can use any projectile to hit the traps which will then rain fire down onto anything below. 

Pendulum Trap

Quite possibly the silliest, most Looney Tunes upgrade you can get, the Pendulum Trap releases causing a massive cylinder to swing from above wiping out any undead that finds themselves in the way.

UV Trap 

UV Light is crucial in the world of Dying Light. It's the key way to stop the undead in their tracks, and thus, this is a very powerful nighttime addition. Turning it on will totally disrupt and chases, and act as UV light for you if your own Immunity is running low. 

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