Diablo 4 players on PS5 are having a hard time logging in

Diablo 4 - Lillith
Diablo 4 on ollut monien pelaajien toivelistalla jo vuosien ajan. (Image credit: Blizzard)

It looks like Diablo 4 has gotten off to a refreshingly smooth early access launch period across most platforms. Well, unless you're on PS5.

Some players are reporting that, despite having purchased Diablo 4's Deluxe or Ultimate editions, they're struggling to get past the login phase for the four-day early access period. When attempting to log in, players are being met with an error message that reads: "Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV (Code 315306)."

As it stands, this largely appears to be an issue with the PS5 version of the game, though some users on the official forums are detailing the same problem on Xbox Series X. While not quite as horrendous as the infamously botched Diablo 3 launch in 2012, with its 'Error 37' preventing the vast majority of players from logging in, it's nonetheless disheartening for PS5 players to be losing out on early access time.

The silver lining here is that Blizzard is aware of the issue, and Diablo 4's Global Community Development Director, Adam Fletcher, issued a statement on Twitter reassuring eager demon hunters that the developer is indeed looking into a fix.

According to Forbes, it seems like the login issue isn't exclusive to Diablo 4. Currently, it appears that several games across PlayStation Network are experiencing license errors. There's a chance this could be caused by the sudden influx of Diablo 4 players filling PlayStation servers, or it may just be a more generalized issue on Sony's part.

Here's hoping the issue is remedied fast, as Diablo 4 is widely being recognized as the best Blizzard game in years. If you're struggling to log into the game right now (or just can't because, like me, you have to work), consider reading up on the influences behind Diablo 4's art direction, or how its transmog system outclasses one of its biggest competitors.

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