Dell ramps up recycling scheme to help businesses dispose of old hardware

(Image credit: Future)

Dell is expanding its hardware recycling scheme to cover the United Kingdom, the company has announced.

The Asset Recovery Service supports any brand of business laptop, workstation, server and peripheral, and there are no unit minimums that companies need to meet.

Dell say its goal is to help its customers extract the maximum value from their existing IT assets, while practicing sustainable recycling and recovery at scale.

As part of the expansion, the company is also rolling a new online self-service portal that provides businesses with real-time value estimates and a comprehensive pool of resources.

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Safeguarding data

The disposal of business computers always brings with it the question of data security. Dell says any data found on the devices will be removed as per data sanitation standards, minimizing the likelihood that sensitive corporate data falls into the wrong hands. 

Internal and external hard drives containing any data will be physically destroyed, and then recycled according to local guidelines, it was said.

“Asset valuation and recovery can be complex; many channel partners have expressed concern regarding the time management and compliance implications surrounding IT asset disposition,” said Rob Tomlin, VP UK channel at Dell Technologies. 

“Our refreshed offering addresses all of these issues. By modernizing the experience with an online portal and built-in tools, we’re giving partners the flexibility to support their business goals and customer needs.”

Optimizing hardware management is arguably one of the easiest ways for businesses to cut down on expenses and improve their sustainability practices. By buying refurbished hardware, companies can cut down on expenses, while also benefiting from similar if not identical levels of performance.

At the same time, by opting for refurbished devices, businesses extend the life of hardware, cutting down on the carbon footprint resulting from new device manufacturing.

The Asset Recovery Service scheme is available through both Dell and its channel partners.

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