Dashlane unveils new feature to help businesses enhance password security

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As weak, stolen and reused employee passwords are the number one cause of data breaches, Dashlane has released a new Password Health Reporting Dashboard for its business customers.

The company's first-of-its-kind reporting tool provides IT admins with unprecedented, in-depth visibility into employee password security with the ability to track improvements over time.

Dashlane's new Password Health Reporting Dashboard will help businesses identify employees who have poor password habits as well as evaluate the effectiveness of their organization's security initiatives and password policies.

Before making its new tool available to customers, Dashlane first tested it internally among its own staff.

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As many employees around the world are now working from home due to the pandemic, encouraging proper security hygiene is now a top priority for CISO and IT leaders. In fact, a recent survey from Dashlane found that almost 60 percent of Americans are using personal devices for work during the pandemic which can pass on vulnerabilities from their bad online security practices to their employers.

By encouraging and providing employees with the tools to change their bad password practices, Dashlane minimizes and organization's attack surface. While a Password Health Score of 90 percent or higher is recommended, tracking how this score changes over time is even more critical. When businesses understand the results of their security initiatives, they can be more efficient and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Co-founder and CEO of Dashlane, Emmanuel Schalit provided further insight on the importance of good password health among an organization's employees in a press release, saying:

"A company's security is only as strong as an employee's weakest password, making password managers the best first line of defense against a hack or breach. Many of our business customers have requested the ability to dig deeper into their company's password performance to make Dashlane an even more effective tool for increasing digital security. We're proud to offer this historical reporting feature, as a deeper knowledge of password security, coupled with education for employees on best practices they can instill both at work and home, is ultimately what will help prevent costly breaches and hacks."

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