Curve follows Apple with its new number-less credit cards

(Image credit: Curve)

Curve, the innovative all-in-one credit card and app business has unveiled a new number-less design, with the digits being contained inside the software instead.

Following the announcement Curve’s crowdfunding investors will be at the top of the list to try out the new style, which is already being rolled out across Europe.

Apple was the first to launch a number-less credit card back in 2019, underlining how the removal of digits would improve security. Users will still be able to access their card numbers from within the Curve app, allowing them to copy and paste the digits when needed for online transactions.

All-in-one spending

Curve simplifies the issue of having lots of different cards by collating all of your accounts on to one, alongside the accompanying app. New users simply download the Curve app, order their card, upload existing debit and credit cards and then spend using one Curve Mastercard.

The card works anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard and features contactless, chip & PIN and magstripe processing.

Nathalie Oestmann, Curve’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “PAN-less technology is the future for all payment cards, and we are truly very proud that Curve’s crowdfunding investors will be among the first in Europe to benefit from the technology.”

“Not only are these new investor cards more secure and easier to use, but the clean, de-cluttered and minimalist design is something we feel our investors are going to be very happy with. We are delighted that Curve is one of the first companies in the world to bring this unique technology to market.”

Curve’s founder is Shachar Bialick, a serial entrepreneur who first unveiled the idea in 2015, launched an initial Beta version of Curve in 2016 with £500m having been spent to date.

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