Creating a brighter future is made easier with HP

HP Envy laptop
(Image credit: HP)

The past couple years have been hard, and we’re looking at a future that needs as many of us as possible to come together and work toward better outcomes. Every effort, vision, and push counts, and HP is providing the tools that can help in all of these endeavors.

HP has an extensive history in designing products meant to allow people to put their creativity and inventiveness to work in both the good times and the hard times. It has been at this task for the last 80 years, and it’s already got its sights set on the next 20 years. From the design of its products to the operation and structure of its company, HP is committing to a brighter future.

While HP has its place in paving the way for a better future, it knows that everyone has their own contributions to make as well. We each have our own goals and ideals, and HP has designed its lineup of Envy laptops to help us along the way.

Your creative side needs an outlet, whether that’s in side-gigs and freelance work, solo projects or group collaborations, or even in your day job. HP’s high-performance Envy laptops are designed to let you express yourself, freeing your creativity, without putting new obstacles in your way. 

Each creator is unique and has their own way of putting pen to paper, so to speak. HP offers the flexibility you need to find a device that’s a match for your creative process. You can get a large window to view your creations on the 4K OLED display of the HP Envy 17, or you can turn your laptop into a drawing tablet with the flexibility of the HP Envy x360 13 and Envy x360 15.

HP Envy laptop

(Image credit: HP)

3D artists and editors can get the dedicated graphical horsepower they need and precise displays vital to tackling projects whenever inspiration strikes in HP’s Envy line. Musicians can find devices with ports aplenty to plug in hubs and recording equipment to get demos put together in a snap, and the Bang & Olufsen speakers on the HP Envy laptops will let you listen back with ease. 

Those who like to work with their hands can opt for a touchscreen on many of these Envy models or enjoy the stylus-enabled HP Envy x360 models. With high-powered models, you can even dive into virtual reality using HP’s Reverb headsets. 

Since we’re all working together toward a better future, HP’s Envy lineup also provides ample opportunity for collaboration. You’re not working in a locked-down software ecosystem and can install your preferred tools for creating and collaborating. 

And HP’s devices will help you stay online with powerful Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and stay secure with privacy features, like camera shutters and mic mute buttons. The long battery life and rapid charging on these laptops will also help you avoid downtime.

HP has you covered for the sunny days when inspiration hits you, but it also has your back on the rainy days when bad luck strikes. HP’s warranty can protect your device from failure, and you can get virtual diagnostics to solve problems quickly or get a speedy repair at the wide network of repair centers.

If you’re ready to gear up and start creating your way to a more positive future, see what HP’s Envy laptops can do for you.