Could this be the world's fastest VPN for Windows PCs?

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Firetrust has announced the launch of its new VPN service which the company claims is two to seven times faster than the competition based on its extensive VPN speed tests.

HideAway improves upon standard VPN technology by adding flexible rules, faster speeds and an “Always-On” capability. Firetrust has tested its new VPN against the competition and the service was able to reach a top speed of 3.7Gbps.

CEO of Firetrust, Nick Bolton provided further insight on the company's speed test results in a press release, saying:

"The speed tests for our HideAway VPN are absolutely conclusive, and we invite programmers and customers alike to check out the data. All VPNs say they're fast, but the fact that HideAway VPN was consistently twice as fast in all tests shows its dominance. Our testing included speed tests to servers in New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany – all using one-gigabit connection speeds. Tests were conducted using Microsoft Windows 10 and speed test software, and during the one-gigabit speed test, HideAway consistently reached speeds above 650 Mbps. That's six-times faster than the speed of some competitors. No matter which software we tested, HideAway is always consistently faster."

HideAway VPN

To achieve its remarkable speeds, HideAway uses only the fastest VPN servers as well as the same fast encryption developed by Google Services.

The service helps protect users' anonymity by not keeping any logs on their activity online. In fact, Firetrust didn't build any logging capability in to its software, so it can't even turn logging on if it wanted to. HideAway also has a built-in kill switch to prevent users' real IP addresses and information from being leaked in the event that their VPN connection drops.

HideAway customers will even be able to use as much data as they want as there are no data limits. Additionally, its servers won't get bogged down because the service has an option where it logs users in for bandwidth intensive services such as watching videos and then uses their own ISP's connection to stream bandwidth intensive content.

HideAway VPN is currently available for Windows but Firetrust plans to roll out Android, Mac and Linux versions in the coming months. New users can test out the service for themselves to see how fast it really is as Firetrust is currently offering a one-week free trial.

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