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Tachyon VPN
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Consumers and businesses alike are now relying on VPNs to protect their privacy and increase their anonymity online. However, most VPN services are highly centralized and many lack transparency which makes it difficult to know how protected your data really is online.

The blockchain-based ecosystem Tachyon has developed a decentralized VPN that it thinks could solve many of these issues. Tachyon VPN uses the Tachyon Node network as its infrastructure and service provider and as a result of this, its servers are not run by a centralized organization. This means that attackers or even governments can not pressure it to provide records on its users.

Tachyon VPN is also adding new users at a steady pace as the service reached 50,000 global active users back in March and this month, it is now hosting 100,000 users according to Cointelegraph. V SYSTEMS' chief architect, Sunny King provided more details on the company's new VPN to the news outlet, saying:

"I’m delighted that Tachyon VPN has just reached 100,000 users globally this month and I believe that eventually it would enable a vibrant VPN service marketplace for the world. Tachyon is designed as a VPN services marketplace. It creates the necessary infrastructure for service providers and users to participate in a highly decentralized VPN marketplace.”

Tachyon VPN

Tachyon VPN is based on the Tachyon Protocol which is what nodes and users on the company's network use to communicate with one another. The protocol ensures that internet traffic moves from place to place privately, securely and quickly.

The Tachyon Protocol also uses a cryptocurrency called IPX Token, based on V SYSTEMS' blockchain database, for authentication, transaction settlement and community governance.

Users need to have IPX Token for verification but provider nodes can also set a price for their spare bandwidth and earn tokens by participating in Tachyon's open and decentralized network.

Tachyon VPN is currently available for macOS, iOS and Android with a Windows app coming soon. There are currently 163 servers available in 16 countries and interested users can download Tacyon's decentralized VPN here.

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