Soul Calibur IV: Yoda and Vader available to all

Yoda comes to the dark side. As in the PS3 that's, you know, black in colour

The creator of superior beat-'em-up Soul Calibur IV, Namco Konami, has finally given into gamer pressure and announced that both the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 will get Darth Vader and Yoda as characters.

Currently, the PS3 version of the game only has the Sith Lord available as a fighter, while the 360 version has little ol' Yoda. This platform-specific bias has riled fans right from the day Soul Calibur IV was released.

Not a clever marketing ploy

Namco Konami insists that making Darth Vader and Yoda available for download at a later date was not the plan, and the reason the characters will now be accessible online is purely because of "overwhelming fan response".

To be honest, TechRadar couldn't give a Sith what the reason was, we are just eagerly awaiting Thursday 23 October, when we can download Darth Vader (from the Xbox Live Marketplace) and Yoda (from PlayStation Network) for either 400 Microsoft points (£3.40) or $4.99 – UK pricing is still to be announced.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments below. Changes to the above story have been made!