Dell updates Foglight for Virtualisation

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Dell shines Foglight on virtualisation

Dell Software is rebranding and updating its vFoglight virtualisation system with an eye on performance monitoring.

vFoglight has become Foglight for Virtualisation to identify it as a core component in the Foglight family.

The company has also released the Foglight for Virtualisation Enterprise Edition with performance monitoring support for the VMWare View desktop and application management system.

Dell says the use of VMWare View in virtualised data centres is increasing, and dedicated performance monitoring systems are needed for virtual desktop infrastructure and server virtual machines. But they also have to be connected, as they share underlying resources.

It says that Foglight for Virtualisation gives administrators a single source to identify and fix performance problems within VMWare View.

Steve Rosenberg, General Manager for Performance Monitoring at Dell, said: "This new release expands Foglight's ability not only to monitor the additional infrastructure area of VDI, but also to correlate metrics from VDI with performance for applications, the virtual layer, the network, and underlying servers and storage."