Lenovo reveals compact IdeaCentre and a new family of all-in-one PCs

Lenovo's PCs are going on a diet for the new year
Lenovo's PCs are going on a diet for the new year

Space-conscious PC users may have a new champion, as Lenovo announces the IdeaCentre Q190 desktop machine Thursday.

The IdeaCentre Q190 is quite proud of its claim as the "world's smallest full-function desktop" - as opposed to all of those half-function ones - measuring 22-millimeters thick.

Full of upgradable features, the slim desktop can hold up to an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 chip, a hard drive that can handle no more than 1TB of data, a 24GB SSD, plus lower storage options.

It can also hold up to 8GB of RAM, an integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics card and Windows 8 Pro.

IdeaCentre Q190 stats

The IdeaCentre Q190 also has an option for 7.1 surround sound and a 3D Blu-ray optical drive add-on.

A Blu-ray drive is a custom piece built to match the IdeaCentre Q190's design and snap into the PC's side.

When attached, it expands the desktop's thickness, though Lenovo didn't disclose the Blu-ray drive's actual thickness.

A new family of All-in-One PCs

Lenovo is also introducing a new family of C-series All-in-One (AIO) PCs, including the C340, C345, C440, C445 and C540.

The C-Series AIOs can feature up to a 1TB hard drive, up to 8GB of RAM, a 720p HD webcam, Dolby Advanced Audio V2 sound and Windows 8 Pro.

The main difference between the various models is the screen size. The C340 and C345 have a 20-inch display while the C440 and C445 bump it up to a 21.5-inch screen. The C540 will feature a 23-inch display.

The C340, C440 and C540 can also include an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 processor and up to an Nvidia GeForce 650 2GB graphics card.

The C345 and C445 on the other hand will run with an AMD E3 dual core CPU and an AMD Radeon HD graphics card.

What does it cost?

Lenovo boasts some impressive specs for the IdeaCentre Q190 and the new C-series PCs, but take note that only the maxium specs have been announced.

The actual baseline specs will likely be considerably lower, though Lenovo is not elaborating on what to expect from the starting models.

It's convenient then that Lenovo only revealed the starting prices for the desktop PCs.

The IdeaCentre Q190 will start at $349 (UK£220, AUD$338) while the C345 all-in-one starts at $479 (UK£302, AUD$468). Both the C340 and C445 will start at $499 (UK£315, AU$D483), with the C440 going to $519 (UK£327, AUD$502) and the C540 at $549 (UK£346, AUD$531).

Lenovo will launch all of the newly announced PCs in January, and hopefully by then there will be a better idea of what kind of specs can be expected at those starting prices.